Rainbows & Clouds

I’m feeling accomplished today. This morning I edited my podcast with Kim and figured it out. I am so proud of myself for sticking it out and trying through the frustration. I still don’t like it. The sound is all over the place and I really missed key follow-up questions. I’m going to need to redo it. Hopefully Kim won’t mind. She’s my go-to girl, so I think she’ll be okay; not thrilled, but willing to help a girl out.

I also created my intro and outro for my podcast. Again sound quality isn’t great. I need to buy a microphone and use headphones. Just using my computer isn’t giving me the results I’m wanting. But nevertheless, I’m taking action and trying.

Lastly, I reached out to two friends to see if they would agree to be on my show once I figure things out. Both were so gracious and I’m really excited to share their stories. I think we all can benefit from hearing them. I know these things seem minor, but for me this is action. This is courage. This is walking my faith and it feels amazing!

I heard a fantastic reminder today: “Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – I love Maya Angelou! Her strength and brilliance has always touched my soul. And this is no different — Our  stories can be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. How brilliant is that?

Thank you God for a woman like Maya Angelou who stood firm and strong. She didn’t fall into the trap of if you’re Christian than you…; or if you’re liberal than you…; no! She stood firm on Love – Gods love that crosses every barrier and every human judgement or thought. So rich and good. I love when I get these little nuggets of wisdom!

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