Why story? What does story do? It connects us to each other. We come to see we are all very similar. Have you ever listened to someone who sounds so confident, so sure of him/herself? How does it make you feel? Me, I often feel less than. Why? I’m comparing. I compare my inside to her outside. I get trapped in the lie that her confidence is inner born and I just don’t have it. I don’t see her struggle. I only hear her confidence and success. Yet she too struggled. How do I know? Because she is human. Before the success there was the discomfort. And like a cycle she will encounter it again. But each time she gets stronger. I do too.

This is where story intertwines and connects. We see that we all have lives that are made up of different ingredients, but similar components. We all struggle with emotions, with circumstances, with feeling alone or disconnected. Yet we stay quiet. Not willing to announce the difficulty, maybe not even able to express it. So when we hear another story, some part of it connects to us. We get it. It resonates with our soul. I think that is God’s intention.

I think this is why God used story in the bible. He used parables as examples. He used human fallibility and human mess to show his greatness. He wants us to see He loves us, and wants us, and desires us … as we are. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He knows we won’t be. He wants us to be open vessels willing to let him direct our lives. When we do, 2 Corinthians 12:10, “…For when I am weak, then I am strong,” comes alive. Our weakness is made perfect in HIS strength. We need only believe and trust in Him. He will be faithful. He is always faithful. Even when we don’t see it, even when it doesn’t look like He is — He is.

Rooted in pain
From a past riddled
With letdown and shame

Never enough
Always wanting more
Working hard
But achieving small

Why me?
Echoes from inside
I want so much more
I thought I would have so much more

Here I am at 46
Still trembling with fear
Still trapped in insecure chains
Seeking more, but achieving mere

My grace is sufficient
The Bible says
My strength is made stronger
In your weakness

Weakness I have …
Abundant, overflowing
I feel inadequate in most areas
Desiring change, but not believing it real

Just as the Israelites didn’t believe, I don’t either
I believe God, but don’t
Believe God is capable
Through me

I stare at the blank screen and ache
I want to fill it
Yet I don’t
I stop, unsure of how to proceed

God speaks gently
Come to me first
Rest in me first
My strength is sufficient

I need Christ
No need for
Fame or fortune
Just grace and God

Profound mercy
That pulls us and draws us
It is the Love that makes it real
No street corner preacher
Love – that’s it.

Judgment doesn’t pull
The sinner from the sin
Only Love does that
Love is the force behind the good

Only Love seeks

Dies, desires and forgives

Human hands fall short

Divine intervention is hope


He gave me a story

He orchestrated my life

Put people in place

Gave me seasons of grace


Trust in his plan

His wisdom and strength

He will guide and direct

Your steps and your breadth


Your story matters!

Rejoice and be pleased

He knows it all

Your shame put to ease


No need to hide

Acknowledge and share

Your sin is redeemed

Through Love and through prayer

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