God’s Packages

In the business of life I forget to see the gifts packaged for me from God. He reminds me: I’m here. I’m in your dreams, I’m in your home, and I’m outside your front door. Look! Listen! You will see me. I’m in the bird’s song and the trees’ rustle – I’m everywhere. Do you notice? Will you notice?

anniversary birthday blue bow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Rushed to perform and be, I lose the beauty of the still and simple. So much simple and still surround me. The simple gift of making lunches for my kids or the time spent with my Bible and a cup of hot coffee. My daily everyday routine is the simple. The music of the laundry tossing in the dryer, even then, will I notice you, God? How easily I pass those up. How easily I choose to look another way. How quickly I am to believe the lie that those things don’t matter. Too quickly I succumb to a feeling of rush instead of rest.

I neglect the small gifts packaged for me every day. I rush passed without stopping and saying thank you. I breathe in a rush and create scenarios in my head. I miss the flowers in the garden, the glistening of the sun on the grass, and the soft coat of my dog and cat. What if my boring is giving way to Gods awesome? What if I transform my mind to see the gifts all around me? Will I notice?

I am but a person capable of great things and also perfectly poised to land upside down in a twisted knot. My imperfection is my perfection. It is my true light that will attract those I am meant to attract. If no one comes, I can trust and know that God is there. He made me: quirks and all. I am his and He is mine. This has been reiterated to me each morning for the past week. I am His and He is mine. He wants me to know that. He wants you to know that too.

Thank you Jesus for your perfect simple and daily gifts that I so easily bypass on my way towards success. Help me to slow down, acknowledge the beauty in the simple, and see your hands at work. Open my eyes to see your heart beating for us each day and in every moment: even the boring ones that seem insignificant.

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