All Humanity

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his faithful love and his wonderful works for all humanity.” -Psalm 107:21

This passage is repeated four times in Psalm 107. The phrase, ‘All humanity’ is sticking with me this morning. Not some of humanity, or only democrats, or only Americans, or only if you agree with me … but rather, ALL Humanity. He creates wonderful works for ALL humanity: the Christian, the Muslim, the married couple and the single, the gay and the straight, the Mexican and the American … ALL! We were not made to be separate from people. We are all human and we all get to see the beauty of God’s handiwork. It’s in our daily duties: our drives, our walks, and our children … it’s all over. It’s stunning and yet, we so often walk right past and don’t notice.

silhouette photo of forest
Photo by Adi kavazovic on

On Monday as I drove my daughters to dance, we marveled at the gorgeous sunset. The girls took out their phones and tried to snap a photo. There is no justice in the photo. It was orange and purple and wow! A painted picture in the sky for all to enjoy. I wonder how many others marveled at that beautiful painting on Monday evening in Texas.

All humanity is blessed with his wonderful works. What about all those people coming to Mexico from Honduras? My heart is stuck on their anguish. These are people – part of all humanity. The news makes it political. But God makes it human. We are each made in the image of God. Will these desperate people, fleeing for a better life, make it to America? I’m sure some will, but my guess is most won’t. Poverty has a way of shutting down aspirations.

Trudging a family by foot for over 1000 miles is not something easily accomplished. Add lack of resources and the problem intensifies. There is evil in this world and so many of those families will encounter that evil on their journey. It breaks my heart. Why God must they suffer? Why do we, the privileged, ignore the humanity of suffering? Why do I? Oh Lord, break my pride and push my humility. May I step into their suffering and provide aid – oh, but how?
Am I alone in these pleas? No, I believe most Americans, and most people, are good. We have empathy. We see pain and want to mend it. When we focus on our rights only, and neglect all humanity that God has blessed, where do we end up?

We need to do better. It starts with me and my hands and feet. Oh Lord, how? Will I have the courage to make a difference? If I touch one family, will it help? Lord God give me the courage to touch one family. May that family bless others and on down the line. Oh God show me how. What if we all prayed that? What if we all acted? Would our present become better? Would the sunset painted for all, be enjoyed by all?

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